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#1 2007-01-10 22:59:29

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Shakuhachi glossaries

Just to get things started, here's a glossary from Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin:

Ai-no-te Music performed between vocal sections
Atari To strike a finger hole
Ato-Uta Ending vocal section
Chikuzen inchinyo The bamboo and Zen are as one
Chirashi Climax of section
Danmono Scored in Dans without vocal sections
Dojikyoku Children's song. Actually called "Dokyoku"
Furi A rapid meri/kari head dip.
Gaikyoku Outside Music
Gakufu Musical notation
Hachigaeshi Returning the bowl.
Hate A light kind of honkyoku. Played in the afternoon when free from strict discipline of religion.
Honte The main body of a piece
Ichi Ji Ichi Ritsu One temple, one piece
Ichi On Jo Buttsu To reach enlightenment by the use of only one sound
Jiuta Music originally composed for Shamisen
Kaede Secondary arangment of a piece
Kan Upper register
Kari Blow by putting the chin up, to raise the tone
Komi Buki Big breath (the pulsing characteristic of playing commonly used by the Nesasa ha,or Bamboo Grass sect of Northern Japan--eB)
Mae-Uta Opening vocal section
Meri Blow by putting the chin down, to lower the pitch
Miyakobushi scale D, Ef, F, G, Af, C, D
Muraiki Blowing so as to create a windy, roaring, effect
Nagashi Playing in the street
Naka-uta Middle vocal section
Nayashi To begin pitch meri and rise to standard pitch
Otsu Low register
Reibo Yearning for the Bell
Sankyoku Music with three instruments
Shaku 30.30 cm
Shirabe To check the sounds and move into the proper frame of mind before performing Honkyoku
Sokyoku Music originally composed for Koto
Sugagaki The term Sugagaki, when used in Shakuhachi music, simply means pieces which are unrelated to the Fuke legend. The term
Sugagaki also refers to a technique used in solo Koto music without voice.
Sun 3.03 cm
Suri Glissando
Suri age A slide upwards
Takane Section of a honkyoku piece usually played in the upper octave, often containing the climax of the piece
Takuhatsu Pieces played by Komuso when begging.
Tamane Flutter tongue technique
Tegoto Musical Interlude
Tegotomono Musical form with Tegoto
Tsuyutoshi Cloth for wiping the bore
Utaguchi The sharp blowing edge of the shakuhahi
Yuri Vibrato

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#2 2007-01-11 08:13:39

JF Lagrost
Shihan/Tozan Ryu
From: Paris (France)
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Re: Shakuhachi glossaries

Here's a little glossary I made, only for musical terms you can meet in scores. There's the japanese wrinting, the japanese pronunciation (romaji) and the translation in... French (sorry). I'll post an English version here when it will be done...




#3 2007-02-06 03:14:19

JF Lagrost
Shihan/Tozan Ryu
From: Paris (France)
Registered: 2006-10-19
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Re: Shakuhachi glossaries

I've just done the English translation : musicalglossary.pdf



#4 2007-09-30 17:27:41

From: Dublin, Ireland
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Re: Shakuhachi glossaries

Another shakuhachi glossary just posted on my site.

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