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Tube of delight!

#1 2007-11-16 04:55:18

Priapus Le Zen M☮nk
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Shomyo on Youtube!

Hi everybody!

Just found some Shomyo clip on Youtube. The clips consist of Shingon style Shomyo. What is also even better is if you check at the profile of the person that uploaded the video you will see that there is a full tutorial/explanation of the Ajikan(Shingon seated meditation) and various Yoga asana that are also linked with this tradition.

Of cpurse this is all in Japanese but if there i spople really interested in understnading the instructions for this type of seated meditation I could post some translated manuals that I have in English.


Sebastien 義真 Cyr
春風館道場 Shunpukan Dojo
St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada



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