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Tube of delight!

#1 2006-08-02 13:48:59

From: Dublin, Ireland.
Registered: 2006-04-24
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"Shaku8" freeware Flute Tuner.

For the benifit of newbies like me:

Most of you will be aware of this, but the Irish flute maker Hammy Hamilton put me on to this handy little peice of shakuhachi tuning freeware:

Hammy uses it to tune his 'Irish' flutes and reckons that it performs better than any hardware he's used. It can be configured to different styles of shakuhachi and to other instruments.


This software was initially developed for shakuhachi tuning for makers, but also can use another purpose.
This software includes following facility.
-Sound color analyzer based on FFT with memory
-Multi purpose auto tuner,
-Sound volume meter.
-Fingering charts of Shakuhachi(Tozan style, Kinko style and seven-holes), Shinobue, Noukan,Ocarina, Western flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, SopranoSax, AltoSax, TenorSax, Trombone, Horn(F), Horn(B), Recorder and Oboe.
-Sound for tuning

Fair play to the chap who done all that!



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#2 2006-08-02 20:36:40

From: Vancouver, Canada
Registered: 2006-01-11
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Re: "Shaku8" freeware Flute Tuner.

Yes, this is a very useful program. 

Much thanks go to the person who made it and gave it away freely, but be aware that the author's idea of what key shakuhachi longer than, say, 2.4 should play in may not agree with your own.  It's not a problem though -- just ignore the shaku/sun and pay attention to the fundamental note of the flute if you're using the program for longer flutes. 

(The tuner program simply lowers a semitone for each sun added in length -- this linear relationship is not normally what we expect in real flutes.)


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