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Tube of delight!

#1 2008-05-22 15:50:48

Priapus Le Zen M☮nk
Historical Zen Mod
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Shomyo and Sutra CD compilation available

Ok as I mentioned in some previous post I was going to compile as set of  CDís that would include Shomyo and Sutras of the Major Schools of Japanese Buddhism that use old school shomyo. This is stuff that I collected throughout the years form various temples that I either got on tapes or on CDís that were given to me on my visits.

The CDís are home made burned CDís and include the following stuff. In order to save space all the tracks are recorded in MP3 Format. They only represent a fraction of the stuff I have if asked I can include more specific stuff as well. But I tired to make a compilation of the best recordings I had to make the widest and best representation of each school.

The price of the CDís are 70$ U.S Shipped to any destination payable by Paypal.

Various versions of the Hannya Shingyo
1 full standard daily Rinzai ritual including a Shomyo version of the Kanromon.

Soto Shu
1 Full standard daily ceremony. No Shomyo

Morning and Evening ceremony of Obaku style pronunciation ( Japanized/Chinese style) of Sutras and Shomyo. Very unique in sound and musical style.

Linji / Rinzai from China
1 full ceremony from China in order to compare Rinzai/Obaku from Japan and China. Sutras and Shomyo.

1 standard Morning and Night Ceremony

1 Set of most common Shomyo in Tendai
1 full ceremony of the Taizokai Mandala from Hieizan.
1 Set of Nenbutsu Godaisan style Shomyo as brought back by Ennin

Shingon Shu.
1 daily standard Shingon sutra reading of the Rishukyo with Shomyo and the chapter 25 of the lotus sutra.

All most common Shingo Shomyo under multiple versions either as a group or single.

Shugendo (Yamabushi tradition) 
1 full Saito goma (Fire ceremony)

Kegon Shu
1 full dedication ceremony at the Nara Daibutsu.

Sebastien 義真 Cyr
春風館道場 Shunpukan Dojo
St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada



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